The Humberside Police Federation has an appointed Equality Leader and trained equality representatives for all areas of the force.

The Equality lead is Pete Musgrave based at Kirk Ella and Scunthorpe.

Email: Peter.Musgrave@humberside.pnn.police.uk or PMusgrave@humber.polfed.org

Phone: 07837 914316

The trained representatives are:


Maxine Teasdale

Andrew Robinson

Graeme Roberts

Jon Cliff

Ricky Dowall

Dave Smith

Helen Collier

Ian Spain

Marcus Liddle

Mark Broughton

Mel Christie

Mark Dunphy

Helen Mcgill-Sanderson 

Role of the Equality Representative

The Police Federation is committed to the principles of equality in the workplace, Humberside Police Federation have a number of trained representatives to enable them to carry out the role of an equality representative.

The role of the equality representative is

  • To assist members with conditions of service, promotion, equal opportunities, Equality Act matters, attendance and performance management, grievance procedure, mediation and Employment Tribunals.
  • Making representations to the force on the above matters
  • Representing officers in workplace meetings with management and HR
  • Attending meetings regarding equality issues