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The Policy changes from 1st April 2019 and below are links to the relevant documentation you may require.



Extra Life Cover

A Group Insurance member currently serving in the Humberside Police can now take the opportunity to purchase extra low cost life insurance.  For £5.41 a month, you can add £50,000 to your life insurance

 The Humberside Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme allows for a spouse option clause.  This facility allows the subscribing member to apportion 20% of their death benefit to their spouse/partner, effectively meaning that the member will receive £96,000 on death and £24,000 on the death of thei spouse/partner.  This clause has identical effect on critical illness cover whereby 20% of the critical illness will go to the spouse/partner. There is no extra cost to take this option

For £5.41 a month, your partner/spouse will be able to add £50,000 to their life insurance

Life Insurance Scheme Health Declaration

Beneficiary Nomination Form

Humberside Police Federation Includes Roadside Recovery in Group Insurance

Humberside Police Federation include in its Group Insurance a Motor Breakdown Policy, this provides excellent value and cover for you and a spouse/partner in any vehicle you are travelling in. You will not get the equivalent deal anywhere else on the market and this amount is already factored in to the amount you pay and is not an additional payment. Please see the attached documents for details.


 Claim Forms under the Group Insurance


Court Attendance Claim Form

Court Compensation Claim Form

Critical Illness Claim Form

Dental Emergency and Injury Claim Form

Hospital Benefit Claim Form

Initial Sick Pay Claim Form

On duty Assault Benefit Claim Form

On duty Burns causing scars or disfigurement claim form

Police Treatment Claim Form

Permanent Total Disablement Claim Form

Sick Pay Form

Terminal Prognosis Advnace application

Temporary Total Disablement

Unsociable Allowance Claim Form

Legal Expenses Claim Form

Legal Expenses Claim Form - Bankruptcy

Late Entrant Application

Deduction from pay form