Health And Safety

Safety Representatives

The Humberside Police Federation has an appointed Health & Safety Leader, and trained safety representatives for all areas of the force.

The Leader is Helen Mcgill Sanderson, based at Kirkella Box


The safety representatives are:

Helen Collier, Joint Branch Board Secretary

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Helen Mcgill-Sanderson, a Sergeant based at Kirkella - Helen is the lead for Health and Safety



Simon Archer, A Custody Sergeant based at Grimsby



Pete Musgrave,  Joint Branch Board Chair

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Ian Spain, Joint Branch Board Deputy Secretary and Discipline Lead

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Mark Dunphy, a sergeant based at Priory Road

Role of the Safety Representatives

The Police Federation is committed to the principles of health and safety in the workplace. The Federation have trained a number of representatives to enable them to carry out the role of a safety representative.

The term safety representative is taken from:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1992 & 1998
  • Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations, 1977


The role of the safety representative is identified as:

  • The investigation of potential hazards, dangerous occurrences and causes of accidents at the workplace.
  • Investigation of complaints by employees represented on health, safety or welfare matters.
  • Making representations to the employer on matters rising from the above.
  • Carrying out inspections of the workplace regularly, following notifiable accidents, dangerous occurrences or diseases, and documents.
  • Representing employees in workplace consultations with Inspectors of the appropriate enforcing authority.
  • Receiving information from those inspectors.
  • Attending safety committee meetings in the capacity of safety representative in connection with any function above.


Liaison with Force Health & Safety Team

The Federation and the Force speak with one voice on Health and Safety. The Force has seen recent significant investment in information, instruction, training and supervision in this important area. The Force Health & Safety advisor and the Federation Health & Safety Leader have a positive, productive professional relationship which regularly resolves issues promptly and to mutual satisfaction.