The annual leave year is 1 April – 31 March. Entitlements (expressed in 8 hour days) will be as shown below:


Length Of Service 2005 2006
Less than 2 years' relevant service 22 22
2 or more years' relevant service 23 25
5 or more years' relevant service 25 25
10 or more years' relevant service 27 27
15 or more years' relevant service 28 28
20 or more years' relevant service 30 30

Officers whose service date appears in the middle of an increment year will be entitled to leave as set out below.

(As calculated by Schedule 4 Police Regulations 1995)

2005/6 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years
January 25 27 28 30
February 25 27 28 30
March 25 27 28 30
April 25 27 28 30
May 25 26 28 30
June 25 26 28 30
July 24 26 28 29
August 24 26 28 29
September 24 25 28 29
October 24 25 28 29
November 24 25 28 29
December 24 25 28 29


Carry Over

Subject to exigencies of duty you are entitled to:

- carry over no more than 5 additional days (40 hours) of annual leave into the following years annual leave period.
- bring forward 5 additional days (40 hours) leave to be taken in the final month of the leave year.

All requests for approval to carry forward annual leave must be submitted in the form of a report outlining the circumstances to the Inspector/Line Manager.

Sickness on Annual Leave

A member cannot be sick and on leave at the same time. Any annual leave falling within a period of sickness can be cancelled and taken at a later date.

Recall from Annual Leave (Reg 33) Annex O Determination

A member is entitled to compensation where a recall from Annual Leave occurs.

Your entitlement under this regulation is now:

  • 2 days’ leave for each of the first two days recalled OR if you elect,
  • 1 days’ leave plus 1 day at double time payment for each of the first two days.

if you are recalled for more than two days, the third and any subsequent day is compensated at the rate of:

  • 1.5 days leave for each day OR if you elect
  • 1 days’ leave plus .5 days’ pay at double time in lieu of each such day

This applies to any period of absence of 5 or more days, where at least one day is shown as annual leave and the other days, if not annual leave, are rostered rest days, days taken as time off in lieu of overtime, public holidays (or days taken in lieu of such) monthly leave or any combination.

Court on Annual Leave – Expenses

Officers attending court who are recalled from annual leave, or unexpectedly recalled from other leave, will be compensated in respect of expenses incurred as follows:-

  • Any necessary travelling expenses incurred in attending court and returning to the holiday place;
  • Any refreshment or subsistence allowance to which the officer may become entitled by reason of his attendance at Court;
  • Expenditure over and above the allowance covered by the above, and within the limits of Police Regulations, necessarily incurred on food and lodgings because the officer’s home is closed.