Humberside Federation runs a team of volunteer reps who are trained nationally and managed by myself as Discipline Liaison Officer (DLO).


This starts at Post Incident Procedures where there may have been a Death in police contact, in custody or as a result of police tactics. The Federation train alongside the Force’s managers in this process and are assisted by retained Federation approved specialist solicitors.


Officers are sometimes subject of criminal complaints and they are supported by a rep and legal representations in interview and in responses provided to the IPCC or PSB.


Officers are also supported in Gross Misconduct (job threatening) and Misconduct investigations of all varieties. The reps will assist with the understanding of the Standards of Professional Behaviour and the processes surrounding them enshrined within the Conduct Regulations. 


Any changes to case law or trends that are seen nationally or regionally are collated by the DLO so that all the reps are up to date to best assist, you the members.


We are experts and have helped deliver training to the Force in Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures (UPP) and Unsatisfactory Attendance Performance (UAP). We are very experienced in liaising with PSB and management and are here to help with accused officer’s welfare and wellbeing and standby them throughout any investigations.




Discipline Trained Reps

Ian Spain - Lead (also trained in Post Incident Procedure)

Helen Collier - JBB Secretary (also trained in Post Incident Procedure)

Peter Musgrave - Chairman (also trained in Post Incident Procedure)

Simon Archer - Sergeants Rep

Mark Dunphy - Sergeants Rep (also trained in Post Incident Procedure)

Helen Mcgill-sanderson - Sergeants rep and Health and Safety Lead

Rob Grunner - Inspectors Rep

Lee Sims - Constables Rep