Officer morale improving

Humberside officers’ morale has lifted in the last year putting it in the top three forces across England and Wales in terms of personal morale, according to the results of a new poll.


The results of this year’s Police Federation of England and Wales pay and morale survey show:

  • 45 per cent of Humberside respondents felt they had low personal morale – compared with 61.2 per cent last year
  • 78.6 per cent felt there was low Force morale – compared with a staggering 98.3 per cent last year
  • 80.3 per cent said the factor having the most negative effect on their morale was how the police as a whole are treated
  • There are only two forces in England and Wales reporting higher levels of personal morale.

Pete Musgrave, chair of Humberside Police Federation, has welcomed the signs of improvement within the Force.


“Last year’s results were quite shocking but came at a time when the Force was incredibly stretched and officers were struggling with a widely unpopular shift pattern,” says Pete.

“We are pleased to see that with the recruitment of more officers easing some of the pressure on our members and the introduction of an improved shift pattern officers’ morale has been boosted.

 “There is still a way to go but at least we are now moving in the right direction. I hope that this time next year we are able to report that we have built on this. Policing is a tough job but it is made more difficult when morale is low and that doesn’t just affect those within the police service but also the service we can provide to our communities.”

 More members of Humberside Police Federation also took part in this year’s survey. Last year 27 per cent responded but this year that increased to 32 per cent, higher than the national average of 22 per cent.


While the findings on morale showed an improvement, however, other parts of the survey showed areas of concern, though these were largely national issues rather than those the Force had control over:


  • 70 per cent said they were dissatisfied with their overall remuneration including basic pay and allowances
  • 68.6 per cent felt they were worse off financially than they were five years ago
  • 56.5 per cent said they would not recommend joining the police to others
  • 34.8 per cent reported worrying about the state of their personal finances every day or almost every day.


The Full report can be found by clicking on this link