Time to vote in Federation elections


All Federation members can now vote to choose who they want to be their workplace representatives.

Voting opened at midnight with elections being held within all but nine of the 43 branches of the Police Federation of England and Wales. In the other nine forces - Cambridgeshire, City of London, Durham, Essex, Lancashire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Surrey – fewer officers put themselves forward for election than the actual force... allocation.

In Humberside, 27 officers are seeking election to the 24 seats available.

Helen Collier, secretary of Humberside Police Federation, is urging all Federation members to take part in the elections: “It really doesn’t take very long to cast your vote and choose who you would like to be your workplace representative. Your Fed reps play a crucial role within the Force so consider who has put themselves forward and vote for those who you think can best represent you in dealings with senior officers and Force managers.

“For the first time in the Federation’s history, the elections are being administered electronically and all members should now have received their unique code and details on how to cast their vote via their PNN email address.”

Voting is open for three weeks, closing at 11.59pm on Wednesday 21 March, with the results being announced on 28 March.

Those elected will form the Humberside Police Federation Branch Council with a smaller group then being elected to form an executive – the Branch Board. Other key dates are:

3 - 11 April Branch Board nominations open
15 - 23 April Branch Board voting open
27 April Branch Board election results
1 - 11 May Branch chair nominations open
14 - 30 May Branch chair voting open
31 May Branch chair election results

Who can vote?
Any members can vote as long as they were a member of the Federation two months before nominations open – so on 1 December 2017. Also, unless otherwise stated, you can vote in elections in which you are standing.